28.03.2021 - S0220056 - Graz - 02:00 UTC

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28.03.2021 - S0220056 - Graz - 02:00 UTC

Príspevok od užívateľa s55hh » 28. Marca 2021, 15:38

Probe type: RS41
HW: S0220056
Frequency: 404.7 MHz
Place of launch: Graz, Austria
Date and time of launch: 28.03.2021 02:00UTC
Date and time of finding: 28.03.2021 06:23 UTC
LAT: 46.557858
LON: 16.376127

For some time, meteorological probes avoided Prekmurje in Slovenia. The first to fly near me after a long time was the Graz probe on Friday, March 26, 2021. It landed in the vicinity of Dolnji Slaveči in Goričko. I didn't have time to pick her up myself, but Roman, S57WW, corrected himself after her. The probe flew over us and fell in Hungary on Saturday, March 27, and on Sunday it should fall in Croatia. But in the morning I looked at the website and noticed that it had fallen closer, next to the village of Kapca. Apparently the parachute fell open and this shortened her path. Anyway, I was a little furious because they stole one hour of sleep from us at night and I headed towards Lendava. It was raining lightly on me and everything was given to make me a little muddy again. Luckily by Kapca the dew stopped and I was just a little dusty on my shoes in the end. On the map, the place of landing was marked as a field, but I don’t believe that too much while I wasn’t at the very end and I see for myself. Sometimes no hedges and trees can be seen, and the probe may lie a little closer / farther from the end where the last signal was heard.

When I got to Kapca, of course, I turned wrong and drove away from the probe, when the signal on the handheld disappeared, I turned in one yard and drove back, towards the strongest signal. I turn on the Lora receiver and first the silence, and a strong signal at the handheld station. However, I noticed that after the last software update, my Lora receiver just lost its sensitivity. There is probably something wrong with the antenna (the topic is up now, it would be difficult to say antenna, but that's just the way it is) or some connector is loose. Fortunately, the signal appeared when I was about 100m from the probe. I look around but I don't see a red parachute, and in front of me is a clear plowed field. It was only when I took a few steps around and looked along the field that I saw a parachute hiding in a furrow in the field. A few meters after the plowed field, I pick up the probe and the associated elements, take a couple of pictures and happily go home. At least a small reward for sleep deprivation. But this was my 50th probe picked up. Now I have to think about whether to continue or give it all up…

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