06.07.2018 - P1840371 - Budapest - 00z

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Dátum registrácie: 18. Októbra 2015, 12:21
Bydlisko: Pécel, HU

06.07.2018 - P1840371 - Budapest - 00z

Príspevok od užívateľa SZGY » 5. Novembra 2018, 00:46

Model: RS41-SGP
Frequency: 403 MHz
Serial: P1840371
Launched: 06.07.2018 00z
Found: 06.07.2018 04:20
Location: 47.49313N 19.32158E

I was chatting with some of my friends and was watching the sonde coming down. First I thought it would land inside a private property but I got lucky this time. Jumped on my bike and got there shortly thereafter. The sonde was in deep grass right next to the creek. A few more meters and it could have landed in water. Also something I didn't notice that there was a slug right on the sonde and I touched it... slimy yuck!


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