Hello and Grettings from Poland :)

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Dátum registrácie: 20. Septembra 2017, 20:29
Bydlisko: Tomaszow Mazowiecki / PL
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Hello and Grettings from Poland :)

Príspevok od užívateľa SQ7ACP » 16. Februára 2020, 09:32

Hello my dear radiosonde hunters :)
My name is Artur and my mark is SQ7ACP. I am a radio amateur and a hunter of a radio like you :)

The radiosonda which I collect in PL are:
- RS41-SG
- RS41-SGP
- RS92
- M10
- PilotSonde (blue and green)

In addition to probes, I also collect postage stamps with radiosondes :)
I have a lot of PilotSonde for exchange but not for RS41-SG and RS41-SGP. We can deny it for other polls :) (this only applies to pilotsonde)
I will gladly exchange RS41 flying in Poland for RS41 from another country :)

My colletions:

- RS41-SG from Legionowo PL
- RS41-SG with Ozon x2 from Legionowo PL
- RS41-SG from Wrocław PL
- RS41 from Prościejów
- RS41-SGP from Linderberg DE
- RS92-SGP from Lindenberg DE
- RS41-SGPL from Greifswald DE
- RS92-DD 1,68GHz
- RS80-67 1,68GHz
- PilotSonde Green from PL
- PilotSonde Blue from PL
- M10 from poland
- DMF 09 from DE
- DFM 06 from DE
- GRAW E077
- GRAW E084
- GRAW E085
- GRAW-DFM90-PTU from DE
- GRAW PS-15
- 2x analog RKZ from RU ( radiosondes on tube)

Best wishes and welcome to my website where I put descriptions of the power of hunting for probes

Udanego Polowania :) / Have a nice hunt :)